Saturday, 13 October 2012

Friday Night

Latest conversations now Emily and George are off doing their own things.

Monday, 1 October 2012

This Situation

Another damp and dismal Monday morning to start October. Really enjoyed being part of the Buy Art Fair in Manchester this weekend, with paintings going off to fairs and exhibitions I don't always get the opportunity to see them displayed and have a mooch about. Interesting mix of work at the two shows as well. Quality of some stuff in the Buy a bit low but prices seemed to be about right. Didn't really get the Contemporary, would be much better if the stands of the Buy Art side were curated and the Contemporary stands were mixed among them. Still its that same old problem of funding and comerciallity, shouldn't the Arts Council be supporting viable creative buisnesses? Still not sure where my paintings sit in all of this.  Collecting another failed entry into an open exhibition, the Discerning Eye this time. Can't decide if my energies in that direction are being well used. Must get over to the Liverpool Biennial and see what beat me into the John Moores.