Monday, 20 February 2017

Study in Pink and Grey

A painting from the end of last year that is still up in the studio. Sorting stuff today and preparing some boards and canvases, thinking about what to do in school tomorrow as another half term rears it's ugly head. Haven't posted anything here for a long time. Too busy letting life get in the way. Changes, movements, ill health, things going on with the house. Should we stay? Or should we go? Working on a new painting in part inspired by the poems of John Clare. Which is more of a re-working. I often find after a break that I rework an old painting to get back into the swing of things. Painted out a landscape that has hung in the kitchen for about ten years as well today. The cathartic sweep of white gesso over old acrylic, funny thing is that I think the painting that will replace it in the 'new' kitchen will be even older. So old that it was in my degree show, a painting that I still go back to. Does that show a distinct lack of progress in the last 30 years? Probably. Maybe it's my one hit wonder. Will get a decent picture of the Clare inspired painting when it has developed a bit more, and the weather is slightly less grey and wet.

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